The forgiveness formular

To forgive oneself means being able to go forward without resistance!

Forgiveness happens when you are connected with yourself, mother earth and the universe.
Learn to forgive yourself and others! A formular that gives you both knowledge and method! The form of forgiveness is a simple method to heal your blockages, hurt feelings, old grudges, worries, lack of security, etc. Pain associated with the past will quietly let go over a period of time.

The method increases your awareness

In order to set yourself free, you need to let go of grudges, worries and hurt feelings and stop looking living from your past perspective. It only leads to poor quality of life and compile hurt feelings and attract more negativity.

Forgiveness is not about being perfect!

Accept, that we as human beings, make mistakes and that we have the opportunity to learn from them.

Forgiveness primarily frees you

Forgiveness helps you move on so that you are no longer stuck in the past and in unacceptable situations. Forgiveness helps you to be you— without suffering and without holding back.

Forgiveness does not mean that you sympathize with what has happened!

It’s about you accepting what has happened.  The presence of inciting anger, hatred, envy, condemnation and jealousy etc. inside you, will only make you suffer. You live with the unacceptable that has happened, and you suffer from it every day. No person deserves that! The forgiveness formular gives you knowledge, emotional redemption and deeper clarity.

You learn to connect your brain and heart and create greater harmony in yourself. When you feel yourself and accept yourself, you are open to new perspectives, open to surrender to life and admit forgiveness and thus have more energy, love and peace in your life.

The forgiveness formular step 1
Start by hearing the audio file/meditation “Connect to the heart”

Identify what or who need to be forgiven
Identify the strong emotions linked to what is to be forgiven

The forgiveness formular step 2
Start by hearing the audio file/meditation “Connect to your heart”

Connect your heart and brain to open your mind. Add understanding to what needs to be forgiven from a new perspective.  Add compassion to what needs to be forgiven

The forgiveness formular  step 3
Start by hearing the audio file/meditation “Connect to the heart”

Add acceptance to what needs forgiveness

The forgiveness formular step 4
Start by hearing the audio file/meditation “Connect to the heart”

In the forgiveness process, you need to use the potential of your entire body while connecting yourself with something “greater” than yourself. Step 4 is about surrendering to the forgiveness process and really releasing pain and suffering. Surrender and ask for help from the universal energy of love